Site Survey Photos




These photos are from the site survey conducted on March 5, 2014 by the NovoFuel team at the Renewable Energy System (RES) pilot site for cannabis grow operations in Oceana county, Michigan. Shown are various sites on the bluff of the ten acre parcel of land, along with photos of the NovoFuel team, including President & CEO David Cade and CEO’s of two of the three NovoFuel partner companies. The site is an ideal location for renewable energy power sources, especially the wind turbine and solar panel components; the large format 18.6kW lithium-ion battery and energy management & control module will be housed in one of the buildings on the property. The advanced RES solution also includes a sophisticated security module which is fully integrated into system.


pilot site 1 pilot site 2
pilot site 3 pilot site 4
pilot site 5 pilot site 6
pilot site 7 pilot site 8
pilot site 9 pilot site 10
pilot site 11 pilot site 12